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Nokia Wireless Loopset LPS-6 — Easy listening

The newest version of the award-winning Nokia Loopset will be here soon!

The Nokia LPS-6 provides t-coil-equipped hearing aid users with a hassle- and hands-free connection to mobile phones. The loopset enables mobile calls to be accessed wirelessly through the hearing aid. Key features of the Nokia Wireless Loopset include:

Compatible with handsets that use Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity with headset profile 1.2, hands-free profile 1.6 and A2DP 1.2, the accessory will be available in three colours.

Meet Katja Vis, a Finn who uses the Nokia LPS-5 mobile phone every day. (this link to another Nokia site will open in a new window) Nokia Conversations

Downloadable User Manuals (PDFs)

LPS-5 (this link to a PDF will open in a new window)